KZ ZSTX 1BA+1DD Hybrid technology HIFI In Ear Bass Earphone

KZ ZST X 1BA 1DD Hybrid technology HIFI In Ear Earphones Bass Earbud Sport Noise Cancelling Headset

ZSTx 1BA+1DD hybrid  earphones, it is an upgraded version of ZST.
Using the  KZ latest dynamic drive "XUN" unit,professional-grade balanced armature, the sound transmission is clearer and fuller.
Break through the previous KZ style, upgrade the cable, and match the silver-plated cable to transmit sound more perfectly.
The appearance has been adjusted to show different styles.
Transparent cyan and purple, continue the classic purple, create transparent cyan, bring you a visual feast.
Product Name: KZ ZSTX In-ear Earphone
Brand: KZ
Model: ZSTX
Earphone type: In-ear
Impedance: 12Ω
Earphone sensitivity: 107dB/mW
Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
Pin Type:0.75mm
Line Length: 125±5cm
Color: Cyan,Purple,Black
Whether with cable: Yes
Whether with wheat: optional
Whether can replacement cable: Yes
Original cable:4-core silver-plated cable
Bluetooth cable: 4.2 Bluetooth cable, B PIN
Gold and silver cable: 8 core gold and silver mixed cable, B PIN,NO MIC
Note: Bluetooth cable and gold and silver cable need to be purchased separately
Based on The Professional Acoustic Lecel,We Advanced Again   
Hybrid Technology Drive Headest
This shocking voice expression 
has never been surpassed
The Performance Of Advanced Hybrid Technology in 3 Configurations Is Enhanced Again
10mm medium and low frequency double dynamic unit 
30095 high frequency balaced armature unit
Upgrade 1 Sound Unit
Polymer Composite Diaphragm
Fast Transient Response
10mm Large Diameter Dual Magnetic Dynamic Drive
Double magnetic flux brings the electro-acoustic conversion rate of ordinary units with the same specifications.The sound is clean and tidy, full of sense of speed and power, and can better meet the needs of electronic music and drum and bass music.
Enhance High Frequency Analysis,Rich Details
30095 High Frequency Balanced Armature Unit
The balanced armature unit is placed at the front of the headset to reduce high-frequency losses and bring better ductility. 
Based on the innate and detailed resolution of the balanced armature unit, it provides rich and detailed performance, especially for the interpretation of different instrumental music.
Upgrade 2 Professional Cable
Cable upgrade again;
Improve the sound quality of headphones;
Standard 100 Core High-purity Silver-plated Cable
Equipped with HiFi silver-plated cable,it can improve the transparency, separation and sound field of earphones, make the sound bottom crystal clear, the voice and instruments more beautiful and beautiful, and add high-strength Kevlar fiber to the wire core to
reduce the loss and distortion in signal transmission .
Upgrade 3 Acoustic Tuning
Has A Wide Horizontal And Sound Vertical
Electronic Frequency Division + Physical Structure DoubleTuning
Support Replacement Cable
Can Be Replaced With A Bluetooth Cable And Upgraded To A Bluetooth Headset
Assemble Gold And Silver Mixed Braided Cable——Enhance The Sound Texture
Assemble The Bluetooth Module——Turn Into A Bluetooth Headset
Upgrade Cables Need To Be Ordered Separately
Fits The Ear Canal
Effectively Reduce External Noise
Stable And Comfortable Ergonomic Wearing ExperienceZST-X英文_08
Support Standard Phone HD Calling
Customized Dual Capacitor Design MicrophoneZST-X英文_09
Every Detail Shows Strength
0.75mm 2PIN gold plated pin,3.5mm gold plated plug
Patented Soft silicone sleeve,L/R left and right signs
Gorgeous appearance