Made By Hemp – Cooling Muscle Rub CBD Salve 1.6oz (150- 500mg CBD)

When it comes to relieving muscle pain, it’s common to reach for over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. The problem? Both come with unwelcome side effects, with prolonged use leading to stomach and kidney problems. This is why people are turning to all-natural CBD salves for help.

To soothe muscle aches naturally, look no further than Made By Hemp: Muscle & Joint Salve. Twelve comforting plant extracts, along with 150mg/500mg of full-spectrum CBD, combine to give you powerful, drug-free relief in a parabens and GMO-free balm.

Infused with hemp-derived CBD, this all-natural salve provides aching muscles with potent CBD pain relief. Arnica, camphor and violet-infused extra virgin olive oil are added to amplify the natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers of CBD. Grapefruit peel, ginger and comfrey add an antibacterial boost, while an infusion of lavender, mint, bergamot and sweet marjoram create a soothing aroma.

  • 150mg/ 500mg of full-spectrum CBD
  • Contains 12 soothing plant extracts
  • Provides powerful, targeted pain relief
  • A topical, easy-to-apply CBD salve — no pills or potions to swallow
  • All-natural and free of GMOs and parabens
  • Comes in a convenient, travel-friendly tin
  • For external use only