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Therapeutic – CBD Chocolate Bar (120mg CBD. Dark)

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Dark Chocolate is a deliciously healthy, creamy, and smooth tasting heirloom cacao.

There are not many CBD edibles for sale online, and the few you can find are usually bland and inconsistent. Hence why we were very excited when we discovered Therapeutic CBD Chocolates.

Each piece of artisan Therapeutic chocolate is absolutely delicious and packed with a very potent concentration of CBD in contrast to its competitors. Furthermore, we have found a few CBD chocolates who don’t even list their CBD content!

  • Includes 1 CBD chocolate bar
  • Delicious artisan chocolate hemp CBD edible
  • 120mg CBD per bar
  • Resealable ziplock
  • Discreet
  • Premium natural and organic ingredients
Easy-to-use (breaks into 4 pieces, 15mg CBD per piece)